We are Cetaqua.
The Water
Technology Centre

A unique model of public-private collaboration that anticipates the needs of our communities and proposes new R&D&I solutions to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle.

Cetaqua centres

Our ecosystem is made up of 4 independent entities that follow the same structure, using a common strategy and working in partnership.

Areas of innovation

We work on 5 strategic areas of innovationdesigned to meet the needs of companies and territories and respond to the challenges of society, directly benefiting people and the planet.
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Las líneas de investigación de Cetaqua: agua 4.0. Las líneas de investigación de Cetaqua: biofactoría y recuperación de recursos. Gestión de infraestructuras críticas y resiliencia Sostenibilidad ambiental, económica y social Gestión de recursos hídricos

Projects of note

Through R&D&I projects we work toward transformative outcomes. These are some of them:

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  • Sostenibilidad territorial y social


    Optimisation of existing certification schemes to promote the use of organic raw materials

  • Operación eficiente, segura y digital

    Deep Plant

    Computer vision for automated detection of anomalous events in water plants

  • Operación eficiente, segura y digital

    LAGAR Rendimiento hidráulico

    Detection and localisation of sectors with anomalous behaviour in supply networks

  • Producción y nuevos recursos

    LIFE Remine Water

    By-product recovery and ZLD in the mining industry.

  • Producción y nuevos recursos


    Demonstration of battery metals recovery from primary and secondary resources through a sustainable processing methodology

  • Residuo Cero y descarbonización


    Development of an intelligent digital tool for precision agriculture

  • Planificación y gestión de los recursos


    The digital tool for predicting the availability and demand of water resources in the Mediterranean.

  • Planificación y gestión de los recursos

    LIFE Nirvana

    In-situ bio-remediation of nitrate-contaminated aquifers.

  • Residuo Cero y descarbonización


    Technological solutions for redesigning nutrient supply chains from wastewater and brine.

  • Residuo Cero y descarbonización

    CIGAT Biofactoría

    Production and recovery of high value-added by-products in waste water

  • Residuo Cero y descarbonización


    Development of technologies for the reuse of by-products and wastewater from the canning industry in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

  • Residuo Cero y descarbonización

    LIFE Nimbus

    We produce biomethane from sewage sludge.

  • Producción y nuevos recursos

    LIFE Conquer

    Reuse of contaminated groundwater for urban irrigation.

  • Producción y nuevos recursos


    Accelerating water intelligence on Europe’s coast through Living Labs.

Finding solutions to environmental problems through technological development and applying knowledge.


We seek digital and sustainable solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change. And our successes have made us a pioneer in applying scientific knowledge to water and environmental issues.
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  • Solutions for water operators
    Cetaqua. Soluciones para operadoras de agua

    We guide water operators through the process of transforming wastewater treatment plants into biofactories.

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  • Solutions for productive sectors
    Cetaqua ofrece soluciones para sectores productivos.

    Solution that improve water quality and enable more efficient treatment of water used in production.

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  • Solutions for public authorities
    Cetaqua. Soluciones para administraciones

    Circular economy diagnostics and action plans to facilitate administrations’ path towards the green transition.

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Cetaqua. Soluciones para operadoras de agua Cetaqua ofrece soluciones para sectores productivos. Cetaqua. Soluciones para administraciones

What’s happening

Keep up-to-date on Cetaqua’s latest news!

Here you will find the latest news about our centres and their projects.

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  • The European SEMPRE-BIO project will demonstrate new cost- effective ways to produce biomethane

  • Francisco Rossier, new general manager of Cetaqua Chile

  • World Sanitation Day: Groundwater, making an invisible resource visible

  • A study proves an existing relation between the SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater and the accumulated incidence in the contagion waves during the COVID-19 pandemics

  • BIOCENPLAS, a sustainable model in the fishing processing industry

  • CIGAT Circular, the commitment by the Xunta de Galicia, Viaqua and Cetaqua to decarbonise Galicia by converting waste into resources

  • Closer to a circular canning industry thanks to Conserval Poctep

  • EDAR 360, Galician technology and talent for the digitalization of the water sector

  • Europe bets on Cetaqua Galicia with the granting of two new projects of the framework programme Horizon Europe

  • Gavà Circular wins the gold in the IWA World Water Congress Awards 2022

  • ICARIA is the new European project to improve the resilience of critical infrastructures to extreme weather events

  • Knokledge transference as a way to boost innovation

  • MAGO: new solutions for integrated water resources management in agriculture

  • Results transfer, a key aspect for Cetaqua, which closes 2022 with 21 new publicly funded projects

  • Reusing waste from the oil industry will be possible thanks to the European project LIFE CYCLOPS 

  • The European LIFE NIMBUS project opens its plant for the production of biomethane from treatment plant sludge

  • Viaqua and Cetaqua bet for a carbon-neutral Galicia with the consolidation of the CIGAT CIRCULAR Mixted Research Centre