Based on the results of research projects, we at Cetaqua develop solutions that can be applied in facilities.


We are committed to ensuring that the results of research are put into practise and contribute to the green transition.

To do this, we follow a process that includes an experimental phase, demonstration in a real environment and integration into operators, digital products or a portfolio of services once feasibility and results have been verified.
  • Solutions for water operators
    Cetaqua. Soluciones para operadoras de agua

    We guide water operators through the process of transforming wastewater treatment plants into biofactories.

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  • Solutions for productive sectors
    Cetaqua ofrece soluciones para sectores productivos.

    Solution that improve water quality and enable more efficient treatment of water used in production.

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  • Solutions for public authorities
    Cetaqua. Soluciones para administraciones

    Circular economy diagnostics and action plans to facilitate administrations’ path towards the green transition.

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Cetaqua. Soluciones para operadoras de agua Cetaqua ofrece soluciones para sectores productivos. Cetaqua. Soluciones para administraciones

Success stories


Development of an online carbon footprint calculation tool for the different stages of the urban water cycle: drinking water treatment, distribution, sewerage, purification and offices.


Guidance in drawing up a 2021-2030 strategic plan for joint ventures.


Carrying out of a pre-study of the technical and economic feasibility of implementing an anaerobic digester and of the energy use of the biogas generated by a WWTP.


Determination of the potential for biomethane production in the laboratory (BMP) and pilot project to investigate the techno-economic feasibility of anaerobic co-digestion of process wastewater with waste from the agri-food sector.

Improving operational efficiency in sludge settling processes by applying artificial intelligence (AI) tools.


Assessment of potential for reusing water from four WWTPs in Algeria to cope with the expected drought in the summer of 2021.


Validation of an innovative technology for conditioning complex streams from the chemical and petrochemical industry to meet discharge limits.

Reduction of >80% of recalcitrant organic matter.


Evaluation and technical-economic analysis for water reuse in the food and beverage industry.

45% reduction in direct water footprint.


Proposal for actions to eliminate corrosion in cooling circuits in the automotive industry.

100% reduction of corrosion events.



Application of an intelligent recharge point for non-potable groundwater in the municipality of Gavà for irrigation and street cleaning to measure consumption patterns.


Development and application of a circular economy methodology in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Llobregat.


Definition of a strategic circular economy agenda for the territories in northern Gran Canaria.