We are a one-of-a-kind model of collaboration between public authorities, university, and business that has become a European benchmark.

Collaboration: our
model for generating value

By collaborating with academic benchmarks as well as professional associations, businesses and the public sector, we can ensure that we are working on innovative, robust and relevant solutions that add value to society as a whole.

Collaborations of note

Strategic alliances with associations

The participation and leadership of workgroups in national and international associations bring us into contact with new trends and potential collaborations, as well as promoting the exchange of knowledge.

Collaboration with companies

The perspective of companies from different sectors helps us detect opportunities and translate them into viable and sustainable solutions (from a social, economic, and environmental perspective), adapting them to current and future needs.

Innovation ecosystem

At Cetaqua, we create innovation ecosystems that make it easier for centres, teams and professionals to share visions and goals to do effective work with more robust and valuable results.

We combine the scientific rigour of universities and research centres, the influence and positioning of associations in current trends, the vision of companies in the real economy and the knowledge of public authorities.




Technology centres
and universities