Created in 2011 by Viaqua, the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Lines of research of Cetaqua Galicia

Through our 3 lines of research our centre is a benchmark for the application of scientific knowledge to the water cycle, especially in the field of wastewater treatment and recovery, at regional, national and European level.

More about our lines of research
Las líneas de investigación de Cetaqua: agua 4.0. Las líneas de investigación de Cetaqua: biofactoría y recuperación de recursos. Gestión de infraestructuras críticas y resiliencia Sostenibilidad ambiental, económica y social

Projects of note

In Cetaqua Galicia we take part in R&D&I projects aimed at achieving transformative outcomes. These are some of them:

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  • BioReCer

    Optimisation of existing certification schemes to promote the use of organic raw materials

  • WalNUT

    Technological solutions for redesigning nutrient supply chains from wastewater and brine.

  • CIGAT Biofactoría

    Production and recovery of high value-added by-products in waste water


    Development of technologies for the reuse of by-products and wastewater from the canning industry in Galicia and Northern Portugal.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the main governing body. It defines strategy, annual plans and budgets, approves major projects and activities, and oversees financial management.

  • Chairman

    Iván José Vicente

  • Member

    Carlos Closa

  • Vice Chairwoman

    Ana Tejeiro

  • Member

    Antonio López

  • Secretary

    Mª Teresa Abalde

  • Vocal

    Alberto Sánchez

  • Member

    Alicia Gil García


Scientific-Technical Council

The Scientific-Technical Council is appointed by the Board of Trustees and acts as an advisory body. It advises the centre on research policies, offers technical assistance, and evaluates business requirements.

  • Chairwoman

    Leticia Rodríguez

  • Vocal

    Borja Sáez

  • Vocal

    Miguel Rodríguez

  • Vice Chairman

    Pedro Revilla

  • 1st Vice Chairman

    Juan Manuel Lema

  • Member

    María del Carmen Veiga

  • Member

    Philippe Rougé



Cetaqua Galicia

Rúa Jose Villar Granjel, 33
15898, Santiago de Compostela,

[t] 981 52 53 23
[e] info@cetaqua.com

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