Optimisation of existing certification schemes to promote the use of organic raw materials

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The BioReCer project, funded by the Horizon Europe programme, will develop a methodological framework to analyse the impact of biomass and bio-waste use and traceability in the value chain. This will serve as the basis for a standardised certification scheme for both certifiers and bio-based industries. The aim is to promote the use of biomasses, ensuring the best possible environmental performance and traceability of the raw materials produced by the industries. 

This initiative will carry out its research in four case studies: Spain, Italy, Greece and Sweden. In the Spanish case study, focused on the region of Galicia, BIORECER will use a multi-stakeholder approach to test its framework with different biological feedstocks, such as by-products and wastewater from canning industries, algae and sewage sludge.

Duration: September 2022 - August 2025
Coordinator: Cetaqua Galicia
U. Brunel, ANFACO, USC, Unitelma, UNIVPM, RISE processum, CERTH, Euradia, EGM, Nova Institute, MCS, UNI, Active Citizenship, SPRING, CAP

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