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World CO2 Emissions Reduction Day

Cetaqua continues working, in its commitment to sustainable development, to reduce its carbon footprint. The quantification of the carbon footprint of the different centers is of vital importance within Cetaqua’s current strategy, which focuses on achieving compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

Therefore, since 2015 the carbon footprint calculation of the Foundations has been carried out to comply with SDG 13 “Climate Action”. This Sustainable Development Goal sets out the effects of climate change, the reason why GHG emissions continue to increase and propose a series of urgent collective measures and actions.

For this reason, the Cetaqua Barcelona, Galicia and Andalusia Foundations are certified in organizational Carbon Footprint under the ISO 14064:2012 standard and have also registered in the National Registry of carbon footprint, offsetting and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

In particular, Cetaqua has registered its footprint in section a) Carbon footprint and commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, obtaining the following seal:

Continuing along these lines, Cetaqua also offsets its carbon footprint to neutralize the amount of CO2 emissions emitted. Specifically, this past year, the Mai Ndombe initiative has been selected as a compensation project to offset the footprint associated with the centers in Barcelona and Andalusia, which reduces the loss of forests and biodiversity and helps to chart a new path for community prosperity.

In the case of the carbon footprint associated with Cetaqua Galicia, this year for the first time the footprint has been offset through an offset project within the national scope. In particular, the reforestation project of the Laza-Touza mountain community has been chosen due to the existing territorial link.

See the certificate of the offset project of Cetaqua Galicia, Cetaqua Andalucía and Cetaqua Barcelona

EsAgua promotes water footprint reduction

Since 2019 Cetaqua also calculates its water footprint and water footprint following both the methodology developed by the Water Footprint Network according to the Water Footprint Manual (2011) and ISO 14046:2014. Therefore, Cetaqua, one of the promoters of the EsAgua network has achieved Silver category in the EsAgua network.

Cetaqua’s commitment joined that of the Water Footprint Network and DNV-GL to give rise to EsAgua, the pioneering network in Spain of entities committed to reducing their water footprint. It promotes awareness of this concept, encourages its reduction and management, positions the entities as benchmarks and calculates the footprint using the WFN methodology.

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