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Viaqua and Cetaqua bet for a carbon-neutral Galicia with the consolidation of the CIGAT CIRCULAR Mixted Research Centre

CIGAT CIRCULAR will contribute to ecological transition thanks to the promotion of industry decarbonization strategies and circular business models in the galician territory.

The establishment of this new Mixted Research Centre will move a total of 3,5 millon euros and will generate 12 new jobs, between the new ones generated and the maintained.

CIGAT CIRCULAR Mixted Research Centre is a result of the collaboration between Viaqua, Cetaqua and the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN). It proposes an integral model to turn industrial, urban, agricultural and rural waste into highly added value resources to make Galicia a carbon-neutral region.

The consolidation of the Mixted Research Centre, framed in the Mixted Centre Units CIGAT (2015-2018) and CIGAT BIOFACTORÍA (2018-2021) and the maximum modality among them, given by Axencia Gallega de Innovación. This one, will have a duration of four years and will move a total of 3,5 milion euros, 40% from which will be given by la Xunta by mena of the Axencia Galega de Innovación. Additionally, it will generate 12 new jobs, between the new ones generated and the maintained.

CIGAT CIRCULAR, biotechnological pole for the production of high added value products and waste valorization

CIGAT CIRCULAR evolutes to broaden the knowledge generated on the previous Mixted Units on generation and recovery of by-products. To do so, it will work on different research and innovation lines to close the circularity of the priority axis: water, energy and waste, of its predecessor CIGAT BIOFACTORÍA.

The first line, related to water axis, will focus on the development of advanced treatment methodologies to eradicate microplastics and obtaining of reclaimed water. In the field of energy, a line focused on the use of energy to obtain green hydrogen and biomethane will be promoted. Regarding the waste axis, two lines of research will be developed: a first one directly related to the production of biocomposites with high added value and another with the use of the resources present in residual currents.

With the aim of promoting renewable-based industries in Galicia, CIGAT CIRCULAR also proposes the introduction of a digital axis that will act as a catalyst for the creation and consolidation of sustainable business models based on circular value chains. In this way, CIGAT CIRCULAR responds to the goals established by the Galician Strategy for Climate Change and Energy 2050, which sets the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieving climate neutrality in Galicia, a balance between emissions and removals of greenhouse gases derived from human activity, before 2050. Viaqua and Cetaqua Galicia are thus committed to promoting the transition towards a more sustainable and responsible relational model with the environment, offering viable and solid strategies for the decarbonisation of the industry and circular business models with an economic return that allows them to compete with the predominant linear economy.