LIFE Nirvana

In-situ bio-remediation of nitrate-contaminated aquifers.

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LIFE Nirvana

The development of an innovative treatment for in-situ denitrification of contaminated aquifers.
Using an environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and innovative treatment approach, the European LIFE Nirvana project aims to reduce the concentration of nitrates present in aquifers.

A small amount of zero-valent iron nanoparticles introduced into an aquifer encourages the action of denitrifying bacteria, converting nitrate to nitrogen gas, thereby lowering the nitrate concentration below the legal limit (50 mg/l).

In 2020, work began on preparing the pilot project, which is located in the Zarandona aquifer used by Aguas de Murcia. The idea is to replicate this methodological system in other aquifers in Europe.

Duration: October 2019 - September 2022
Coordinator: Cetaqua Andalucía
Aquatec, EMUASA

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