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Sustainable groundwater management, under debate in a webinar on several PRIMA projects

The webinar “Groundwater: facing a common challenge 2022” is the second part of the event organized by Cetaqua Andalucía last year together with IIAMA-UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) and the Università di Pavia

The PRIMA GOTHAM, RESERVOIR, eGROUNDWATER and InTheMED projects will explain their progress and results

Groundwater management is vital to combat the current climate emergency as it is the source of springs, rivers, wetlands and lakes, and the largest freshwater reserve on the planet.

For this reason, European Commission’s PRIMA 2019 call projects GOTHAM, RESERVOIR, eGROUNDWATER and InTheMED propose a new approach to tackle efficient and sustainable groundwater management. In the Webinar “Groundwater: facing a common challenge 2022” which takes place on 28 September at 10:00h CEST, these projects will come together to explain their outputs and progress to date.

Discussing about groundwater management

The meeting, organized by Cetaqua Andalucía (Andalusian Water Research Centre Foundation) in collaboration with IIAMA-UPV ((Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València) and the Università di Pavia in Italy, is the second part of the event held in 2021, which brought together more than 90 experts and where the goals of these PRIMA projects were shared.

In this edition, the development of each initiative will be addressed and as well as the many approaches to facing the same challenge: groundwater, will be discussed in thematic sessions. From hydrogeological characterization and groundwater governance to the application of different modeling approaches and ICTs, as well as citizen science to improve our knowledge of groundwater bodies, status, trends and management options.

All of this, with the overall aim of preserving a strategic resource on which most of the planet’s arid zones depend and which is fundamental for ensuring consumption, the production of different products, as well as the different industrial processes in many wetlands.

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