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Francisco Rossier, new general manager of Cetaqua Chile

Cetaqua Chile’s board, governance organ of the centre integrated by Aguas Andinas, Technical University Federico de Santa María (USM), CSIC and AGBAR Chile, signed yesterday the designation of Francisco Rossier as new general manager of the Chilean Corporation of Water Research. A clear compromise to keep promoting ecologic transition between a collaborative and open investigation, together with public and private entities, universities and other technological centers of the country and internationally.

The main goal of this new stage is to multiply its value and contribution by collaborating with universities, as well as the leveraging private funds with competitive public funding and developing local talent. All of it, to increase the collaboration network, generate knowledge and develop technologies an solutions to face environmental challenges with a real applicability in the marketplace and a positive environmental and social impact.

Francisco Rossier is a Food Engineer from the Catholic University of Valparaíso and a PhD from Wageningen University. Throughout his professional career, he has had the opportunity to participate in multiple applied science projects with leading companies in the sector, which have led him to the management of agencies and technology centers in Chile. Among them, his position as CEO at Wageningen UR Chile stands out, a company where he led a high-performance team to improve strategies at the national level and which offered him the opportunity to work with different financing organizations in the Chilean region.

All this experience has allowed him to get a broader strategic vision and critical analysis of the data, essential in the complex marketplace where climate change presents several challenges to be faced along the multiple environmental actors.

“Leading this new stage of Cetaqua Chile is an exciting challenge. The future of our society will be drawn by what we manage to achieve regarding the environment, the economy and social sustainability. In this, water, food and energy will not only be the central themes, but will also be even more closely interrelated. Cetaqua already has 15 years of successful experience in Spain innovating at the intersection of these three areas, and we are sure that nourishing ourselves on their learning will be key to accelerating the responses we are seeking from Chile. Our country, with its ‘crazy geography’ and human capital, will turn out to be a natural laboratory for the development of new high-impact applied knowledge that can be exported to the rest of the globe”.

We want to thank very sincerely Carmen Lacoma for her labor during these past two years as general manager of Cetaqua Chile, leaving behind her excellent results and unified team.

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