LIFE Conquer

Reuse of contaminated groundwater for urban irrigation.

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LIFE Conquer

In 2020, the European project LIFE Conquer was launched with the aim of promoting sustainable irrigation in the Murcia region to prevent and mitigate situations of water scarcity.

The project deals with the development of an innovative system that allows the reuse of groundwater polluted with nitrates and salts for the irrigation of parks and gardens, preserving the necessary nutrients and eliminating salinity.

In this way, it will contribute to the circular economy and prevention of waste through the use of various technologies. One is nanofiltration, which separates the salinity from the nitrates and concentrates the salts in a brine; the other is reversible electrodialysis and electrochlorination to recover the brine produced, thus converting the concentrated salinity into valuable by-products such as sodium hypochlorite, known as bleach, and overcoming the obstacles that exist in the systems currently available.

Duration: November 2020 - January 2024
Coordinator: Cetaqua Barcelona
Aguas de Murcia, Aquatec

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