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Revolutionizing Industrial Water Management in Europe

R3VOLUTION kicks off, the European project aiming to implement key innovations to facilitate the economic, environmental, and operational recovery of water, addressing challenges associated with solute and energy recovery

R3VOLUTION is coordinated by Cetaqua, Water Technology Centre, and involves 19 partners from 9 different European countries

Water scarcity poses a significant challenge for European society. 40% of extracted water is consumed by the industrial sector. This issue is particularly acute in regions with limited water resources, where water quality is sometimes compromised, and where a substantial amount of energy is consumed in water treatment processes.

Despite these urgent concerns, solutions for industrial wastewater recovery remain scarce, mainly due to the lack of adequate valuation of water resources, discouraging investment in essential water recovery technologies.

In response to this critical issue, the EU-funded R3VOLUTION project emerges. Titled “A revolutionary approach to maximize process water reuse and resource recovery through a smart, circular, and integrated solution,” this project aims to revolutionize industrial water management across the European Union. By promoting sustainable and efficient water and resource consumption practices, R3VOLUTION introduces key innovations to facilitate economic, environmental, and operational water recovery, addressing challenges associated with solute and energy recovery.

Four pilots to revolutionize industrial water management and generate a positive impact

Over four years, project partners will showcase a sustainable resource recovery solution. They will develop membrane-based treatment trains tailored to different industrial environments, complemented by waste heat utilization and a digital process assistant. These innovations will aim to maximize resource recovery and will be designed to achieve an optimal configuration for various industrial environments, mitigating deployment risks and providing critical operational support.

With the aim of transforming industrial water management and delivering a significant impact for the EU, R3VOLUTION will carry out four pilot-scale demonstration cases. These will highlight the applicability and replicability of the project in key sectors such as petrochemicals, bio-based chemicals, steel manufacturing, and pulp and paper production.

R3VOLUTION is coordinated by Cetaqua, Water Technology Centre, which hosted the project’s kick-off meeting in Barcelona in early February. The project includes 19 partners from 9 different countries.

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