LAGAR Rendimiento hidráulico

Detection and localisation of sectors with anomalous behaviour in supply networks

LAGAR Rendimiento hidráulico

In the current context of climate change, focus is being placed on improving hydraulic performance in drinking water supply networks.

The objective of the LAGAR Rendimiento Hidráulico project is the development of a methodology for the detection and location of sectors with irregular behaviour in supply networks, based on various hydraulic parameters. This methodology has been applied in three pilots (Marbella, Granada and Roquetas) with different characteristics, such as the origin of the supplied water resources or the degree of sensor deployment.

To do this, we have worked with a series of indicators to detect anomalies and support decision-making to analyze and detect those alerts that can be considered leaks, reducing the reaction time to them and thus reducing the volume of losses.

In December 2022, an ideation session was held at the Dinapsis Granada facilities to address the technical challenge of improving the water efficiency of supply systems and reducing the water footprint through digital transformation and innovation. This conference allowed us to generate ideas to continue working on the control, calculation and reduction of non-registered water areas (ANR).

Duration: May 2022 - April 2023
Coordinator: Cetaqua Andalucía

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