Integrated model aggregator platform for managing quality data and the status of surface water bodies.


LOGIC – Integrated model aggregation platform for the Integrated Management of Quality and Status data of surface water bodies

LOGIC aims to provide innovative services to improve the evaluation of the status of different water bodies.

These services serve all stakeholders involved in the implementation of water quality and status monitoring programmes, the companies supporting the associations, the associations themselves and the Ministry. The improvements to be achieved by the project are divided into user application services for data collection, services for data ingestion and integration, and analytical and transactional services.
These improvements will enable a better implementation of the technical process of water body assessment. This process is very complex, dynamic and is standardised based on what is set out in the Water Framework Directive as well as in several Royal Decrees and Regulations (RD Legislative 1/2001, RD907/2007, Order ARM /2656/2008, RD 1514/2009, RD 817/2015) and the most recent Instruction (14/10/2020: “Guidance on the assessment of surface and groundwater status”, “Guidance on the process of identification and designation of heavily modified and artificial water bodies in the river category”).

Duration: June 2020 - March 2023
Coordinator: Labaqua
Partners: Cetaqua and CSIC-Idaea

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