Mapping the potential of groundwater on the Costa del Sol and improving hydrogeological knowledge of the Guadalmansa River environment.


The availability of water resources is decreasing in the context of climate change, accentuating in the Mediterranean area. On the Costa del Sol, population and tourism growth with socioeconomic development have generated considerable pressure on water resources.

Therefore, the search for water resources to meet this demand and adequate regulation of surface and groundwater is considered one of the objectives to maintain the development of this region.

In this sense, the NERO project aims to adapt and apply novel methodologies to diagnose and map places where aquifers potentially exist, and their hydrogeological characteristics allow rational and sustainable water use.

Likewise, in this project, a detailed hydrogeological characterization of the aquifers in the Guadalmansa river area (Estepona, Málaga) is being carried out to evaluate its water resources and thus be able to carry out hydrological planning that allows sustainable water extractions in addition to making flow measurements in the river bed.

Hydrodynamic measurements indicate that there is a great relationship between the Guadalmansa River and its alluvial aquifer. In this way, greater regulation of the surface waters of the Guadalmansa River, when there are surpluses and the piezometric levels recover, would help to improve the water resources availability in times of scarcity.

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Duration: June 2021 - September 2022
Coordinator: Cetaqua Andalucía
Project funded by Hidralia

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