Improving the European resilience and sustainability of critical raw materials value chain

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The European Union is currently at a high level of dependence on the import of Critical Raw Materials (CRM), especially in strategic sectors such as renewable energies, which are of great importance to the economy and are a strategic value for the European market. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create sustainable and resilient value chains in the EU.

In this context, one of the sectors most affected by this dependence is the silicon value chain. A strategic component for EU competitiveness, as it is one of the main elements used in the photovoltaic sector, is fundamental to helping Europe reach its climate targets. However, its production is highly emissive, as it is mainly based on the carbothermal reduction process.

RESILEX (Resilient Enhancement for the Silicon Industry Leveraging the European matrix) is a Horizon Europe project that aims to improve European resilience and sustainability of the critical raw materials value chain.

The project will demonstrate 8 innovative technological solutions, with demonstrative pilots, driven by industry covering the entire silicon value chain, to achieve more sustainable and resilient critical raw material value chains in Europe.

Duration: June 2022 - June 2026
Coordinator: ISMC
Iberian sustainable mining cluster, eta florence renewable energies, Nano Pow, Solar Power Europe, Grupo Comet, CEA, Clean Carb, Tharsis Mining, Efund, STEN, Liège universitè, Cetaqua, CNRS, Recma Groupe, NTNU, Tenerrdis, Ghent University, Greenmat, Brunel University London, CSEM, Envie

Reducing the EU dependence on critical raw materials for solar panel production

RESILEX is a Horizon Europe project that has the objective of improving the European resilience and sustainability of critical raw materials value chain. 

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