Development of a chemometric model that determines the origin of the water or the percentages of each origin in the case of binary mixtures.


Barcelona’s water network is supplied with water from a variety of sources, including the river Llobregat, the Ter, or the Mediterranean Sea (via desalination).

A combination of these sources produces water with very different characteristics, which in turn alters the organoleptic properties or the components of the distribution network in a variety of ways.

The DOMA project has developed a chemometric model based on the physico-chemical parameters of the water that can potentially be used at the important points within the Aigües de Barcelona distribution network in order to meet these challenges. It determines in real time the origin of the water or the percentage of each origin in the case of binary mixtures.

Duration: July 2018 - January 2021
Coordinator: Cetaqua Barcelona
Project funded by Aigües de Barcelona

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