Diagnostics on the saline networks in the Pontevedra wastewater collection network.


Diagnosis of the salt networks in the Pontevedra waste water collection network.

The salinity of the river Lérez increases as a result of the high tides in the Pontevedra estuary. When this water arrives at the Placeres WWTP, wastewater treatment is more difficult, as the purification process carried out by the microorganisms is inhibited by the salinity.

PonteRedSal aims to diagnose the points where saltwater infiltration is greatest in Pontevedra’s sewage network. To this end, electrical conductivity measurements will be performed at various points to identify the most critical ones so that services can be improved in these areas of infiltration of the network, in order of priority.

Duration: November 2020 - July 2021
Coordinator: Cetaqua Galicia
Funding institution: Viaqua

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