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The European WATERVERSE project has the main objective to design and deploy a data space for the water sector. A technological infrastructure that facilitates sharing of quality data among the different stakeholders in the water cycle. This will improve data usability and the interoperability of intensive processes, thus reducing the barrier to entry into the data spaces.

WATERVERSE will be demonstrated in six countries (Cyprus, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and the United Kingdom), establishing clear and measurable indicators to assess data equity in water-related spaces and ensuring the viability and sustainability of the ecosystem, as well as its replicability, scalability, and business applicability.

The project takes a holistic approach to water, combining the competencies of 17 partners from 10 European countries, including research organisations, water utilities, technology providers and innovation companies.



Duration: May 2022 - September 2025
Coordinator: CERTH
Engineering, Eurecat, KWR, VTT, University of Exeter, EGM, Phoebe, FIWARE, PWN, SWW, Hidralia, Keypro, WBL, HST, WE, Cetaqua

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