AB Twins

Digital twins for water network operation.

AB Twins

AB Twins is a project focused on developing a scalable architecture to display real-time information on the operating status of pumps in the water distribution network.

Its main objective is to develop and pilot a digital twins solution, asPartnerated with predictive maintenance for Aigües de Barcelona’s pumping systems. A highly important and complex process that could become a benchmark for the future implementation of this technology elsewhere. This means that Aigües de Barcelona can anticipate possible incidents months in advance and establish where an intervention should be carried out, thereby reducing corrective maintenance costs and extending the service life of water pumps and equipment, while strengthening continuity in the supply service.

The solution also features a graphic user interface to view and monitor all the calculated parameters and provide a 3D rendering of each drive pump. The project could lead to energy savings and reduce intervention times in the event of incidents.

Duration: January 2021 - February 2022
Coordinator: Cetaqua Barcelona
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