AB Twins

Digital twins for water network operation.

AB Twins

The AB Twins project consists of the creation of a digital twin, of a certain number of pumping stations in Aigües de Barcelona, in which a model has been integrated that allows showing information in real-time about the operational status of the pumps in the water distribution network.

Based on operational data from Aigües de Barcelona, a set of metrics has been defined, such as the efficiency or criticality of the pumps, which allows quantifying the state of their operation. With this, we have also defined scales that allow to trigger operating alarms, in case the criticality value of any of the pumps exceeds the scales established by the users of the platform.

The data displayed in the digital twin is updated daily from a night batch process that reads the operational data of the pumps and, through the algorithm that calculates efficiency and criticality, are displayed in the front end thanks to an API hosted in the cloud, which connects the database where the metrics are stored with the web platform used from Aigües de Barcelona. Thus, they manage to anticipate the possible occurrence of breakdowns and have the knowledge about where intervention should be performed. This reduces corrective maintenance costs and extends the service life of water pumps and equipment, as well as strengthening the continuity of supply service.

Duration: January 2021 - February 2022
Coordinator: Cetaqua Barcelona
Project funded by Aigües de Barcelona
AB Twins

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