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CAIT is the classification granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation to facilitate the application of knowledge and technology transfer between research organisations and the business world by providing support services for innovation.

Cetaqua Barcelona, accredited as a Technological Innovation Support Centre (CAIT)

​​​​​​Cetaqua Barcelona has been recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development, as a Technological Innovation Support Centre.

An example of how the mission of creating R&D&I solutions to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the water cycle, taking into account local needs, has been successfully carried out since its creation in 2007.

This accreditation, which was already granted to Cetaqua Galicia in 2017, highlights the importance of research centres as essential entities for contributing to sustainable development and transferring the scientific knowledge generated so that technological innovation reaches the productive and business network.

This is particularly important in a context in which companies are required to move towards digitalisation and sustainability as a measure proposed by the European Union for green reconstruction and thus mitigate the effects caused by climate change.

In addition to this accreditation, the recent approval of the UNE 166002:2014 certification in R&D&I Management in the 3 Cetaqua centres in Spain (Barcelona, Galicia and Andalusia) has also been added to this accreditation. This makes it possible to systematically promote and improve R&D&I activities and integrate them into the general management of the company.