Study of glacial input for the Maipo river basin.


Study of the glacial contribution to the Maipo river basin – Phase I and II

In 2020, a study was completed to measure the current contribution of glacier flows to the Maipo River, and to be able to estimate it in the future. Two scenarios have been simulated: an optimistic one, in which there will be a 40% decrease in glacier volume between 2020 and 2060, and a pessimistic one, in which the volume of glaciers will decline by around 60%. In both cases, glacial input was reduced by 75% of current runoff volume during the summer season (December through March) for the basin towards the middle and the end of the century.

It was also concluded that the flow peaks would occur earlier due to the increase in temperatures, the decrease in rainfall, and the reduction of glaciers all causing earlier melting.

Through the estimate, it is hoped that actions can be taken and the decision-making process can be improved to combat climate change and alleviate Chile’s water scarcity woes.

Duration: November 2017 - April 2020
Partners: Aguas Andinas, Sociedad del Canal de Maipo, Junta de Vigilancia del Río Maipo,Universidad de Chile