AI 1902

Prototyping and virtual piloting with freely available software using CFD modelling.

AI 1902

Design of anti-bloom systems in salmon farming using a tool based on fluid dynamic modeling.

CFD fluid dynamics modeling was used to assist in the design of the piston flow reactor mixing system.

Two different companies (a salmon farming company and a company developing environmental technology) have collaborated on two projects to develop operational solutions and make changes to the design of salmon cells and urban waste digesters.
Compared to traditional piloting and prototyping, virtual piloting and prototyping have several advantages: it reduces on-site construction costs; it reduces assembly times and installation costs; and it reduces operational uncertainty through the availability of multiple types of analysis. It also reduces the risk of accidents and contaminations.

Duration: January 2020 - December 2020
Partners: Salmon sector company, Environmental technologies company, University of Alberta, Canada.